Types of

Work and Travel participants

typically engage in a wide range of entry-level, seasonal, and temporary jobs during their stay in the United States. The types of jobs available to them may vary depending on the location, season, and local demand. Here are some common examples of jobs that Work and Travel participants can do:

Food Service Industry:

Jobs as servers, waiters/waitresses, baristas, kitchen staff, and fast-food restaurant workers are often available.

Hospitality and Tourism:

Participants might find opportunities as hotel or resort staff, front desk clerks, housekeepers, or in roles related to tourism and customer service.


Positions in retail stores as sales associates, cashiers, or stock clerks are common choices.

Amusement Parks and Recreation:

Jobs as ride operators, park attendants, lifeguards, and activity instructors may be available in amusement parks, water parks, and recreational centers.

Summer Camps:

Work and Travel participants might work as camp counselors or support staff in summer camps for children.

National Parks and Recreation Areas:

Temporary roles in national parks and recreational areas might involve visitor services, maintenance, or park operations.

Event Staff:

Participants may find opportunities to work at festivals, fairs, and special events in various capacities.

Agricultural and Seasonal Jobs:

Some participants might work in agricultural settings, such as fruit-picking on farms, during harvest seasons.

Lifeguards and Swim Instructors:

In locations with swimming facilities, participants might work as lifeguards or swim instructors.